Matchbook Romance - Stories And Alibis chords

Matchbook Romance
Stories And Alibis
2003 Epitaph Records
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Tuning: Standard EADGBe

1.) Introduction
2.) Your Stories My Alibis
3.) Playing For Keeps
4.) Promise
5.) Lovers And Liars
6.) Tiger Lily
7.) Shadows Like Statues
8.) My eyes Burn
9.) She'll Never Understand
10.) If All Else Fails
11.) Stay Tonight
12.) The Greatest Fall Of All Time


1.) Introduction

Key: C#

Gtr. 1E|------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------|D|-------18------16---17P16---18---15-| x...1:34 seconds worthA|-15H16----15H16---15------15---16---|E|------------------------------------|
Gtr. 2
__________________________________________ 2.) Your Stories My Alibis Key: C# Chords used: Bbm - x13321 F# - 244322 C# - x46664 G# - 466544 F - 133211 Ebm - x68876 G#/C - x365xx Intro: Part 1: Palm mute Riff Bbm--C#--Bbm--C#-Bbm(hold)
Bbm C#e|-------------------------|--------------------------|B|---------1-1-------------|---------4-4--------------|G|---------------------1---|---------------------6-5--|D|-----3-3---------3-3---3-|-----6-6---------6-6------|A|-1-1---------1-1---------|-4-4---------4-4----------|E|-------------------------|--------------------------| x2 x2
Bbm C# Bbme|-------------------------|-------------------------|-1-|B|---------1-1-------------|---------4-4-------------|-2-|G|---------------------1---|---------------------6-5-|-3-|D|-----3-3---------3-3---3-|-----6-6---------6-6-----|-3-|A|-1-1---------1-1---------|-4-4---------4-4---------|-1-|E|-------------------------|-------------------------|---| x2
Part 2: Distortion Bbm--G#--F#--C#-F x2 Verse 1: Bbm Speak to me Tell me something C# so typical A lullaby or something miserable That will keep me G#/C C# Ebm up at night Bbm Cross out my eyes I know you planned it C# You know I love you and I can't stand it Bbm G#/C C# Ebm We just lost control Bbm(hold) We just lost control Chorus: Bbm Lie to me Give me something G# worth living for Tell me a reason F# worth fighting for Give me anything C# F Anything to keep me breathing (Repeat) Verse 2: Bbm Lie to me Tell me stories C# so beautiful An epic or something so terrible G#/C C# Ebm That it makes me weep Bbm Cross out these days On your calendar C# It hurts me so much And I'm not quite sure Bbm G#/C I care anymore C# Ebm Bbm(hold) I care any-more (Repeat Chorus) Interlude: Bbm-- Bbm--G#--F#--C#-F x2, Bbm (Repeat Chorus) Outro: Bbm--G#--F#-- C# F Anything to keep me breathing (Repeat) Bbm--x4, Bbm(hold) _____________________________________ 3.) Playing For Keeps Key: Eb Chords used: Cm - x35543 G# - 466544 Eb - x68886 Bb - x13331 Verse 1: Cm G# Its so simple Cm And complicated the way you can crush me G# No matter how much this hurts Eb This is through Cm G# I get as far as your door before I get caught Cm I make up excuses just to G# touch you and I can't stop I can't stop Chorus: Eb Bb So are we playing for keeps G# These days begin and they don't end for weeks Bb G# Bb Eb Leave me left out of anything to do with you Excuse me while I fall apart Bb Don't flatter yourself sweetheart G# Let me take the wheel and I'll crash this car Bb G# Bb Do you have to make this So hard Verse 2: Cm(hold) Your so good (so good) Cm(hold) G# At pretending everything is alright Cm(hold) Cm(hold) You're as welcome as cancer G# Eb but my door is always unlocked (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: Cm You're so good... (4X)
Guitar 2:e|-----6-----6-----6-----6-|B|-3h4---3h4---3h4---3h4---|G|-------------------------|D|-------------------------| repeat many timesA|-------------------------|E|-------------------------|
Interlude: G#---Eb-----Bb (x2) G#--Bb--Cm-Eb--G#----|Bb-Cm-G#---Bb-Cm-Eb-G#------------------------------|
Guitar 2: G#e|-11--10-----------------11--10-----|B|---------11--9p8h9--8h9---------11-|G|-----------------------------------|D|-----------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------|
Guitar 2: Ebe|-11----11----11----11----|B|----11----11----11----11-|G|-------------------------|D|-------------------------| repeat many timesA|-------------------------|E|-------------------------|
Guitar 3: G#---Eb--Bb--G#--Bb--Cm-Eb-G#----|e|-----------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------|G|-3------8---3-----3--5-8-----------------|D|-3--6---8---3--6--3--5-8--6--------------|A|-1--6---6---1--6--1--3-6--6--------------|E|----4----------4----------4--------------|
Guitar 3: G#--Bb Palm mutede|----------------------------------|B|----------------------------------|G|-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3--1-1-1-1-0-0-0-0-|D|----------------------------------| x2A|----------------------------------|E|----------------------------------|
Guitar 3: Cm-Eb--G#----------|e|---------------------------|B|---------------------------|G|-0h1p0----0h1p0----0h1-3---|D|-------1--------1----------| x2A|---------------------------|E|---------------------------|
Guitar 3: G#--Bb-- Palm mutede|-------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------1-1-1-1-----------------|G|-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-1-1-1-1---------1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-|D|-------------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------|
Guitar 3: Cm-Eb--G#e|--------------------------|B|--------------------------|G|-----3-----3-----3-----3--|D|-0h1---0h1---0h1---0h1----| repet many timesA|--------------------------|aE|--------------------------|
Guitar 3: G#--e|-----------------|B|-----------------|G|-1---0h1p0-------|D|------------3--5-|A|-----------------|E|-----------------|
(Repeat Chorus twice) Outro: Cm Your so good... (2X)
Guitar 2:e|-----6-----6-----6-----6-|B|-3h4---3h4---3h4---3h4---|G|-------------------------|D|-------------------------| repeat many timesA|-------------------------|E|-------------------------|
Ending: G#---
Guitar 2:e|-11--10------|B|---------11--|G|-------------|D|-------------|A|-------------|E|-------------|
_______________________________ 4.) Promise Key: Eb Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: Eb - x68886 Bb - x13331 G# - 466544 Fm - 133111 Gm - 355333 Cm - x35543 Bb/D - x587xx Intro: Eb--Bb--G#--Fm-Gm-G#-Bb x2, Eb--Bb--G#--Fm-Gm-G#- Verse 1: Eb Bb What would you say, if I G# asked you not, to go? Would you forget every-one forget everyhting Bb Eb start o-ver, with, me? Would you take my Bb G# hand, and never let me, go? Well promise me you'll Fm Gm G# Bb ne-ver let me go Verse 2: Eb And now the stars Bb aren't out to-night But, neither are we G# to look up, at, them Why does hello, Bb feel like, goodbye? Eb And these, memories Bb can't re-place These, wishes I, wish G# and dreams, I chase Fm Gm Well take this broken G# Bb Eb(hold) heart and make it right Chorus: Eb I feel like, I've lost Cm G# eve-ry-thing when you're gone, Bb Eb Left remem-be-ring what it's like Cm To have you here, with me G# I thought, you, should know Bb You're not, ma-king this, ea-sy Verse 3: Cm(hold) I ne-ver, thought I'd Bb be the one, to, say G# Please, dont,-- well Bb please dont leave, me-- (Repeat Chorus) Interlude: Eb(hold), Bb-Eb(hold) Post Chorus: Your not making Cm Bb G#(palm mute), Cm--Bb/D--G# this easy
Guitar 2: while doing Post Choruse|---------23-|B|-----23-----|G|-20---------|D|------------|A|------------|E|------------|
Bridge: Cm Bb/D Eb Take, my hand, and never let me, go Cm Take, my hand, and never let me go Bb G# Promise me, you'll never let, go(growl) Bb G#(growl until here) Never let, go never let, go Bb You'll never let, go Make, this, last, forever (Repeat Chorus except last line) Outro: Eb You're not making this easy Cm G# You're not making this easy Bb Eb You're not making this easy Cm G# You're not making this easy Bb Cm You're not making this easy Lower voice: Bb I'll fall, asleep, to-night, Cause that brings Eb(hold) me clo-ser, to, you _______________________________________ 5.) Lovers And Liars Key: B Chords used: B - x24442 Ebm - x68876 E - 022100 F# - 244322 G#m - 466444 F#/Bb - x143xx Intro: B--Ebm--E-G#m-
Guitar 2:e|---2---2---2---2-------------------2---2---2---2-----------------|B|-------------------4---4---4---4-------------------4---4---4---4-|G|-4---4---4---4---4---4---4---4---3---3---3---3---3---3---3---3---|D|-----------------------------------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1: E Let's start out by starting over G#m What did I expect? You're no good at lying F# E and I'm no good at comebacks You're so untouchable G#m I'm oh-so-terrible at this I'm terrible at this you know Chorus 1: B F# Don't hold this against me E I've already said I'm sorry Verse 2: B And I bet you've got every word I said G#m memorized in your head E And you'll use every one of them And you'll use B every one of them F#/Bb against me Chorus 2: B F# Don't hold this against me E I've already said I'm sorry B F#/Bb Tell all your friends about me B F# Don't hold this against me E I've already said I'm sorry Interlude: E--E(plucking)-G#m
Guitar 2:e|--------------------|B|------------------4-|G|-4--3h4----4--3h4---|D|--------4-----------| x4A|--------------------|E|--------------------|
Bridge: B I hope you choke on every word you spoke when you were screaming at me G#m I realize how many times you tried but that's wishful thinking E All I want is an apology for what you did and how you treated me B Get me far away or at F#/Bb least as far as this car will take me (Tell all your friends about me) (Repeat) (Repeat Chorus 2) ____________________________________ 6.) Tiger Lily Key: G Chords used: G - 320033 Cadd9 - x32033 Em7 - 022033 D - xx0232 D/F# - 2x023x Verse 1: G G(Hold) Cadd9-Cadd9(Hold) We drive tonight and you are by myside Em7 Em7(hold) Cadd9 D We're talking about our lives like we've known each other forever G G(Hold) Cadd9-Cadd9(Hold) Time flies by with the sound of your voice Em7 Em7(Hold) Cadd9 D It's close to paradise with the end surely near Refrain: G Cadd9 Em7 And If I could only stop the car and hold on to you Cadd9 D I'll never let go, I'll never let go G Cadd9 Em7 As we round the corner to your house you turn to me and said Cadd9 D "I'll be going through it rolled of you for this one night we have spent" G Cadd9 Em7 And I want to speak these words but I guess I'll just bite my tounge Cadd9 D And except someday somehow as a words that will hang from Chorus: x2 G D/F# Em7 And I, I don't want to speak these words Cadd9 D Coz I, I don't want to make things any worse Verse 2: Cadd9(Hold) D/F#(Hold) G D/F# Why does to---night, Have to end why don't we hit the start Em7 Cadd9 D/F# It wasn't at our fa---vorite part, we'll skip the goodbyes G(Hold) D/F# Em7 Cadd9 If I hadn't my way, I'll turn the car around and runaway D/F# Just you and I (Repeat Chorus) Outro: At second chorus, 2nd line is like this Cadd9(hold) D(Hold) Coz I, I don't want to make things Cadd9 D G(let ring) And I, I don't want to make things any worse Guitar 2:
after "When you are by my side"e|-------------|B|-3-------0---|G|---0---0-----|D|-----0-------|A|-------------|E|-------------|
while "Why does to---night..."e|-------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------0----0-----0-----0-----0--------|G|---0-----0-----0-----0-----0---------0----0-----0-----0-----0------|D|-----2-----2-----2-----2-----2---0-----0----0-----0-----0-----0----|A|-3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------|
While "Coz I, I Don't want to make things" at 2nd chorus at 2nd turne|-------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0---0h2---0h2---0h2---0h2---0h2-|D|---2-----2-----2-----2-----2-----2---0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----|A|-3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------|
While "Coz I, I Don't want to make things" at 2nd chorus at 2nd turne|------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---0-----0-----0-----0-----0-------0-----0-----0-----0-----0------|G|-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0---0-----0-----0-----0-----0--------|D|-------------------------------0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----5----|A|-3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----------------------------------5----|E|-------------------------------------------------------------3----|
__________________________________________ 7.) Shadows Like Statues Key: E Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: C#m - x46654 A - x02220 E - 022100 B - x24442 G# - 466544 Intro: C#m--, A--C#m-B x2, A-- x2
Guitar 2: C#me|-------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------|G|-8-8-8-9-9-9-13-13-13-13-13-13-13-13-13-13-|D|-x-x-x-x-x-x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x-|A|-6-6-6-7-7-7-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-|E|-------------------------------------------| x4
Guitar 3: at 4th timee|-------7-|B|----5----|G|---------|D|-7-------|A|---------|E|---------|
Guitar 2: x2 A C#me|--------------|-------------------------------------------|B|-2-0-2--2-0-2-|-------------------------------------------|G|-2-2-2--2-2-2-|-8-8-8-9-9-9-13-13-13-13-13-13-13-13-13-13-|D|-2-2-2--2-2-2-|-x-x-x-x-x-x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x-|A|-0-0-0--0-0-0-|-6-6-6-7-7-7-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-|E|--------------|-------------------------------------------| x2
Ae|------------|B|------------|G|-2--2--2--2-|D|-2--2--2--2-| x2A|-0--0--0--0-|E|------------|
Guitar 3:e|-9----------|B|----9--7----|G|----------9-|D|------------| x2A|------------|E|------------|
Verse 1: B C#m lights out put my seat back as far as it will go E casting shadows like statues I'm right outside your window C#m there’s no such thing as second chance E there’s no such thing don’t bother to explain Refrain: A you're so beautiful B C#m E did you hear a word I said? A you're so beautiful B C#m E I guess this is what I get
Guitar 2: while doing Refrain A B C#m Ee|----0-----|----0-----|----0-----|----0-----|B|------4---|------4---|------4---|------4---|G|--------4-|--------4-|--------4-|--------4-|D|----------|----------|----------|----------|A|-0--------|-2--------|-4--------|----------|E|----------|----------|----------|-0--------| x2 x2 x2 x2
Chorus: C#m we trust and believe so easily A and words they speak we B seek security in one another E G# but there’s no way to cover this C#m and these tragic nights A and afternoons weak disaster and I can still feel you B as if you were in the room where does our story G# end? where does it start? I buried you along with my heart
Guitar 2: While doing Chorus C#m A B E G#e|--------------|-----------9-|--------------|-----------12-|----------11-|B|-9h10p9h10-12-|-9h10p9h10---|-9h10p9h10-12-|-9h10p9h10----|-9h10p9h10---|G|--------------|-------------|--------------|--------------|-------------|D|--------------|-------------|--------------|--------------|-------------|A|--------------|-------------|--------------|--------------|-------------|E|--------------|-------------|--------------|--------------|-------------| x4 x4 x4 x2 x2
C#m A B G#e|--------------|-----------9-|--------------|-----------12-|-----------11-|B|-9h10p9h10-12-|-9h10p9h10---|-9h10p9h10-12-|-9h10p9h10----|-9h10p9h10----|G|--------------|-------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|D|--------------|-------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|A|--------------|-------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|E|--------------|-------------|--------------|--------------|--------------| x4 x4 x4 x2 x2
Verse 2: C#m entertain me E tell me it didn't mean anything C#m its vengous worth my tolerance and I could be careless E but I promise you'll feel everything (Repeat Refrain and Chorus) Interlude: A--B--C#m Bridge: E i guess this is what A B C#m E A I get (I know) B C#m E i guess this is what I get A B C#m E (did you hear a word I said?)
Guitar 2: While doing bridgee|-----------------|B|-9h10p9h10-12p10-|G|-----------------|D|-----------------|A|-----------------|E|-----------------|
(Repeat Chorus) Outro: A did you hear a B word I said? A did you hear a B C#m(hold) word I said? _________________________________________ 8.) My Eyes Burn Key: F# Chords used: Ebm - x68876 C# - x46664 B - x24442 F# - 244322 Bbm - x13321 G#m - 466444 Bb - x13331 Interlude: Ebm--C#--B--Bbm-G#m Verse 1: Ebm My eyes burn from these tears C# You think you'd B learn over these years Good things won't Bbm G#m last forever Ebm So what the hell am I supposed to do C# You only wanted the things B that I couldn't give to you Bbm G#m And you had it all anyway Chorus: Ebm So take take everything C# and leave me scrambling B Reaching for something that Bbm G#m wasn't there in the first place Ebm So take take everything C# and leave me scrambling B Reaching for something that Bbm G#m wasn't there in the first place Interlude: Ebm-- x4 Verse 2: B Tell me i'm wrong when I say C# say I can't expect you to B Bb C# spend forever with me B C# Ebm C# B I live for that single moment Bbm G#m Ebm I take back everything i've said C# You wore those words on your lips B Bbm G#m As if they meant anything anyway Ebm B Sometimes I feel I could drop C# off the face of the earth B Bbm It seems I do more harm than good G#m B And I don't know if it's worth C# me loosing sleep over this (Repeat Chorus) Interlude: Ebm---B-C# Ebm--F#--C#--Ebm Bridge: Tell me I'm wrong B when I say it C# I can't expect you to B Bb G#m stay forever with me B I live for the C# single moment (Repeat Chorus) Outro: Ebm(hold) _________________________________________ 9.) She'll Never Understand Key: Bb Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: Bb - x13331 Eb - x68886 F - 133211 Gm - 355333 Intro: Bb-- x2, Bb--F--Eb--Gm-F- x3, Bb-- Verse 1: Bb leave a message F on your phone just to find out Eb you're not home keeping up with you is Gm F something i could never do Bb F and i know something's wrong cause you've been gone too Eb long a fucking waste of my Gm F time is all that you've become Chorus: Eb Bb if i can't be the guy that F Eb you've always wanted me to be Bb if i can't say the words that F Eb you always wanted me to say Bb if i fall in the end will F you be holding on to Eb F me? because you you said you'd never leave me Interlude: Bb--F--Eb--Gm-F x2 Verse 2: Bb F the choice is up to you Eb to find out what to do Gm to let it go or keep F kicking me to the side Bb F i'm getting tired of your shit Eb and i can't deal with it Gm i gave up giving in and now F it's time to say goodbye (Repeat Chorus) Interlude: Bb--F--Eb-Gm-F- x2 Bridge: Bb F It will end Eb Gm F stay with me (Repeat Chorus) Outro: Eb F you you said you'd never leave Eb F you you said you'd Bb(hold) never leave me _____________________________________________ 10.) If All Else Fails Key: C# Chords used: C# - x46664 G# - 466544 Bbm - x13321 F# - 244322 Ebm - x68876 Fm - 133111 G#/C - x365xx Intro: Part 1:
Bass: C# FmG|-10-------8-------11-------10-8-10-|---------------8--------------|D|----11-11---11-11----11-11---------|---11---10-------8----11-10-8-|A|-----------------------------------|-8----8----8-8-----8----------|E|-----------------------------------|------------------------------|
F# Fm EbmG|------13------11------10-11-10----|------10------10-|-----10-8------|D|---11------11------11----------11-|---10------10----|---8------11-8-|A|-9-------9-------9----------------|-8-------8-------|-6-------------|E|----------------------------------|-----------------|---------------|
C# FmG|----10----8-------11-------10-8-10-|-------------8-------------|D|-11----11---11-11----11-11---------|---11---10-----8---11-10-8-|A|-----------------------------------|-8----8----8-----8---------|E|-----------------------------------|---------------------------|
F# Fm EbmG|------13------11------10-11-10----|------10--------|-------------|D|---11------11------11----------11-|---10----10-----|-------------|A|-9-------9-------9----------------|-8----------8-8-|-6-6-6-6-6-6-|E|----------------------------------|----------------|-------------|
Part 2: C# G#/C Bbm G#G|-------------------------|-------------|-------|-------|D|-------6-6-6-4-4-4-3---3-|-------6-6-6-|-8-8-8-|-6-----|A|-4-4-4---------------4---|-3-3-3-------|-------|---8-4-|E|-------------------------|-------------|-------|-------|
F# Fm Ebm Fm EbmG|------------|-------|-------|-------------|-------------|D|------4-4-4-|-3-3-3-|-1-1-1-|-------3-4-3-|-1-1-1-4-3---|A|------------|-------|-------|-------------|-----------4-|E|-2-2-2------|-------|-------|-1-1-1-------|-------------|
Guitar 2: x6 x6e|-------|-------------|-------|-------------|B|-------|-------7-6---|-------|-------4-----|G|---6---|---5-6-----6-|---6---|---5-6---6---|D|-----6-|-------------|-----6-|-----------6-|A|-4-----|-4-----------|-4-----|-4-----------|E|-------|-------------|-------|-------------|
Verse 1: C# G#/C Bbm G# A subdued silence F# Fm Ebm undisturbed Fm C# G#/C C# F# Fm-Ebm by the sound of her breath C# So carefully brush her G#/C Bbm G# F# Fm Ebm Fm Ebm hair back from her eyes C# G#/C Bbm G# In steady sequence F# Fm Ebm Fm one by one C# She slips away Chorus 1: F# C# So close your eyes G# F# and sleep to dream C# I'm by your side Ebm F# No words to speak C# We'll set our course G# Ebm and make it through F# No matter how far I go my heart remains with you (Repeat Intro Part 2) Verse 2: C# Ebm G#/C And I'm not sure Fm F# Bbm G#/C C# what I'm looking for C# But it's clear to G#/C Bbm G# see F# the purpose of Fm Ebm my exsistance Is C# laying here in front of me Chorus 2: F# C# So close your eyes G# F# and sleep to dream C# I'm by your side Ebm F# No words to speak C# We'll set our course G# Ebm and make it through F# No matter how far I go Bridge: C# And if all else fails you Ebm can look up at the sky F# Because it's the same one G# that shines above you and I C# And if all else fails Ebm you can close your eyes F# And I'll be right beside you G# I'll be the one by your side
Interlude:Guitar 2: x6e|-------|-------------|B|-------|-------7-6---|G|---6---|---5-6-----6-|D|-----6-|-------------| x6A|-4-----|-4-----------|E|-------|-------------|
(Repeat Chorus 1) Outro: Ebm F# No matter how much it hurts Ebm F# I wanted you to know C# my heart remains with you ___________________________________ 11.) Stay Tonight Key: Eb Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: Cm - x35543 G# - 466544 Eb - x68886 Bb - x13331 Gm - 355333 Intro: Eb--Cm--G#-Bb-Eb-- Verse 1: Cm 49 hours and 46 minutes to G# go but who's counting? Cm I just thought I'd let you know I filled my head with your G# voice and now I'm drowning Bb well I wrote this song for you Chorus: Eb You can stay tonight and Cm make everything alright You can hold me down and G# tell me that you're right Tell me whats its Bb like to be alone Post Chorus: Eb Verse 2: Cm And we had this down unlike everybody G# well I'll spend a million nights just like tonight Cm You know I screamed your name at the sky G# until I lost my voice Bb well I'd give my life for you (Repeat Chorus)
Interlude: Eb--Gm-G#--Gm-G#----| x2Cm----Bb----G#-----------------|Bb
(Let's go) (You can Stay Tonight...) (Repeat Chorus twice) Outro: Eb(hold) ______________________________________ 12.) The Greatest Fall Of All Time Key: E Chords used: E - 022100 or 079900 C#m - x46654 B - x24442 A - x02220 F#m - 244222 G - 320033 or 355433 Intro: E--C#m---E--C#m
Guitar 2:e|-------0-----0-----0-|B|-----4-----4-----4---|G|---4-----4-----4-----|D|-2-------------------| repeat many timesA|---------------------|E|---------------------|
Guitar 3:e|-5p4--0h2-0h2---------4--0-|B|---------------4--5--------|G|---------------------------|D|---------------------------|A|---------------------------|E|---------------------------|
Verse 1: Bass and guitar 2 only here B The hand of my clock strikes two C#m In times when I got the best of you B We made promises we couldn't keep A And every night we couldn't sleep B C#m I didn't know why, but didn't ask questions B because it was the first time in my life A yeah the first time in my life E(hold) Where I, did something right Chorus: E C#m A I set myself up for the B greatest fall of all time (repeat) Post Chorus: C#m
Guitar 3:e|-----------------------|B|-5h4---5--5h4---0--5h4-|G|-----4--------1--------|D|-----------------------|A|-----------------------|E|-----------------------|
Verse 2: B You pick me apart While I search for witty A things to say (In my defense) B "You'll never amount to anything anyway" C#m (Don't press your luck, don't press your luck) B And think that I'm impressed with your one night stands A B and your contagious kiss C#m(hold)-B(hold) I'm trying to get this right A(hold) Yeah, cause I'm ridiculous like that
Guitar 2: In " get this right yeah..."e|-2-0--2-0--2-0-|B|---------------|G|---------------|D|---------------|A|---------------|E|---------------|
(Repeat Chorus) Interlude: C#m---A---C#m---E--F#m-G (x2)
Guitar 3: x8 means repeat the chord 8 times and same with other numbersand / means slide up, \ means slide down, b means bend the stringse|---------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------|G|-6(x8)-6(x8)-6(x7)-6/8-9(x4)-11-11-12b-|D|-6(x8)-6(x8)-6(x7)-6/8-9(x4)-11-11-12b-| (x2)A|-4(x8)-0(x8)-4(x7)-4/6-7(x4)--9--9-10b-|E|---------------------------------------|
Guitar 2: will enter at 2nd timee|-----------------|B|-----------------|G|-6(x3)-6/8\6-12b-|D|-6(x3)-6/8\6-12b-| (x3)A|-4(x3)-4/6\4-10b-|E|-----------------|
Bridge: (bass) means that the chord is played by bass only E(hold) I'll keep this as C#m(bass) A(bass) A constant reminder Of the nights I spent B(bass) E(bass) holding onto her C#m(hold) And rest assured I'm moving on A(hold) I miss you less, with each day B(bass) you're E(distortion) C#m A B(hold and fast palm mute) gone (you're gone)
Guitar 2: In "..and rest assured..."e|-2-0--2-0--4-0--5-4--2-0--2-0--2-0--5-4-|B|----------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------|D|----------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------|
Guitar 2: before choruse|-----------|B|-----------|G|-9-8-11--9-|D|-x-x--x--x-|A|-7-6--9--7-|E|-----------|
(Repeat Chorus) Outro: C#m---B---A(hold)---B--E(end)
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