Matchbox 20 - Ill Believe You When tab

Matchbox 20  Ill Believe you when
Tabbed by Chris Judge

Standard tuning

Listen to the song for the pace of the strumming, very definite beat to it

INTRO: A Bm Ae----9-7-7-9----9-7-7-9----9-7-7-9----9-7-7-9P7----------------------|B------------10---------10---------10-----------10-7-----------------|G--9-------------------------------------------------9---------------|D--------------------------------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------------------|
A I've tried so many times to tell you how I feel Bm But you're far too disbelieving, are you trying to get even with me A Maybe once or twice I wasn't fair I wasn't nice Bm But now I've got myself together, when I promise to be better You say Chorus: A Whoa, I'll believe you when A Whoa, I'll believe you when Bm A Bm Whoa, When everything you say don't turn out wrong A Whoa, I'll believe you when A Whoa, I'll believe you when Bm A Bm Whoa, When everything you say don't turn out wrong
A I could call you everyday, send presents by the score Bm And I could send you pretty flowers, have them waiting at your door A I could write up in the sky, 'Forgive me I apologize' Bm Still if I went through every measure, with my promise to be better You'd say Chorus G Bm There's nothing you can say that I haven't tried G Nothing I can do will ever change your mind A Bm A Bm Maybe I'd do better, if I told somebody else Chorus Outro
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