Matchbox 20 – Hang Solo tab

From: "Helen" 
Subject: TAB: "Hang" solo, Matchbox 20
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 13:06:48 +0800

This is my first attempt to tab something.
Hope it's ok! 

"Hang", Matchbox 20
From the Album "Yourself or Someone Like You"
This is the solo I figured out for the song "Hang".  
It's not completely right, but this is the way I play it,
and it doesn't sound bad.  Listen to the CD for rythyms
and stuff.

[-------3--------3-----------------][-1--3-----0--3--------------------][-------------------20-------------][------------------*-----5\4/5~~---][----------------------------------][----------------------------------] *There's something missing around here but it sounds ok.
*listen to CD for this part [------3---7/8\7---3~~-------3-----3-----][-1--3-----------------------------------][----------------------------------------][----------------------------2-----0-----][----------------------------------------][-------------------------------*--------] *this part may have something different but then just go on to a G chord, then to the next verse: "The trouble understand"
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