Matchbox 20 - All I Need tab

			     ALL I NEED - Matchbox 20 
Tabbed by: phobic chick

Hey... I looked everywhere for a complete tab for this song.... didn't find one..tee
hee.... so here it is... it's probably not absolutely perfect but hey, not all of us
can be gods... It's darn close anyway. tee hee

Tuning: standard, capo 1st fret


e|--------------------------|B|-----0-----0--------------|G|-0h2---2-0---0--------(x8)| D|---------------0----------|A|--------------------------|E|--------------------------|
G EmEverywhere someone's getting over, everybody cries and sometimes,Am C Dyou can still lose even if you really try.e|-3h5h3-2-0-----------2----------|B|-----------3h1h3-1-3------------|G|--------------------------------|D|--------------------------------|A|--------------------------------|E|--------------------------------|
G Talkin''bout the dream like the dream is over, Em talk like that won't get you nowhere, Am C D Everybody's trusting in the heart like the heart don't lie. Chorus: G B Em C G B Em C But that's all that I need, (yeah) someone else to cling to, G B Em C Am D Someone I can lean on until, I don't need to. G B Em C Just stay all through the night and in the morning let me down. G B Em C G C D---- 'cause that's all that I need right now. Verse 2:
Everywhere someone's getting over, everybody's lied to someone, People still use other people with a crooked smile.e|-3h5h3-2-0-----------2----------|B|-----------3h1h3-1-3------------|G|--------------------------------|D|--------------------------------|A|--------------------------------|E|--------------------------------|And all around the world there's a sinking feelingOut there right now someone's really down on themselves and don't know why... oh why
chorus bridge: Cm Bm Am and life ain't no beauty show, we don't know where tomorrow ends D Am D And when we're sad (when we're sad) It's kind of a drag Oh yeah Solo:
e|----------------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------8-10-10(bend 1/2 step)-10-8---------------------|G|-7(x3)-8(x3)-9-------------------------------9--7(x3)-8(x3)-9---|D|----------------------------------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------------|
e|---------------------------10-----10-11-11(bend 1/2 step)-------|B|-8-10-10(bend 1/2 step)-10----10--------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------------------------------|D|----------------------------------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus: Just stay all through the night and in the morning let me do-ooo--own yeah 'cause that's all that I need, yeah, that's all that I need yeah, That's all that I need right now. G C D right now. intro riff x6 | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ============================================================================
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