Matchbox 20 – You And I And I tab

This is a song by Matchbox 20 that is much like a B-side or
something because it was recorded but was never put
on the Yourself or Someone Like You album. It?s quite kickass,
and I hope you all enjoy it. Standard tuning, no capo... E-A-D-G-B-e


Intro: Em-G-D-C (2x)


		Em			       D
Well it?s for sure, things came down hard

But you couldn?t wait, yeah

C				Em
All I ever think about is myself

		D			  G
And everyone else, well they get strung out

But I get high, high, high

Em						G
But it?s something you?d better get straight

I ain?t got no room in my life

Pick up the anchor and set it straight


Em		  G		D				C
Well stop, well I, I don?t wanna thank you honey I don?t think so

		Em	   G
You?d better stop, and try

		D					C
Cuz if there?s a difference here between us, well it?s you and I and I


		Em			D
Well, it?s a shame, you pander to me

C?mon stroke on my ego

		C				Em
Like it?s never been broke before hell, by anyone else

		      G			    D		C
And what doesn?t kill you, it makes you linger, and it makes you wonder

Em						G
Hell, for goodness sake how do you ever get sleep

				  D					C
There?s just one thing I can believe, what doesn?t kill you makes you stay here

CHORUS: (Same as before)

During solo: Em-G-D-C (2x)

After solo, it goes like this:

Em......(NC)					G
	But it?s something you?d better get straight........(and the same as the other chorus from there)

The rest of the song just repeats the same rhythm pattern as before, and that?s pretty much it. If you 
any questions or comments you can email me at
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