Matchbox Twenty - Our Song chords

Standard tuning
Tabbed by Anna

I love this song and there weren't chords for it yet so I thought I'd give it a shot. My 
first tab so go easy :)

Played along to the song at this link: Lyrics 
taken from that video too.

G BmI don't know why sometimes we seem so apart
AmSown together with a broken heart
DI try to see you but it's getting dark
G BmWords keep flowing out I wonder what they mean
AmYou're like a little piece of kerosene
DBut girl you've always been a friend to me
AmAnd I been too proud sometimes
C DChasin' fault lines
GOh no
BmI'm gonna be there always
AmAfter the pain has gone away
The feeling is so strong
EmThis can be our song
DThis can be our song
GOh no
BmI'll never make you cry again
AmI'm gonna set things right again
And I won't let 'em go wrong
EmThis can be our song
DThis can be our song
Remaining verses and choruses are the same.
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