Matches - From 24c chords

Naturally, this isn't going to really reflect how the song sounds...
Please note that there are multiple key changes, so if I have an A#m instead of a 
Bbm, please forgive me. (used to help tabbing)

Intro: C#, A#m, F#, G#

C#Digits dial, digits dial...tone, monotone
A#mHas she been feigning sleeping?
Framing sheep and all alone?
F#Downside on the sidewalk,
I'm a distant ring
G#Out of body, out of body,
Pick me up, oh answer me
C#I just hurry over
Worried sick And hoping, sick.
A#mGates are courting airplanes,
and clocks divorcing ticks
F#Before I left, thought I'd see you
At the show, you didn't show
G#Didn't message, didn't call
You didn't know, didn't you know?
A#mI'm a liar too
GmUh huh, that's why I think I understand you
A#mSomeone from your building holds for me a door
FI'm in your lobby, your elevator
I'm on your floor, the second floor
A#mI can hear you now
GmWith my ear pressed to the vent
A#mYou're playing that cassette tape
F Cm FThat you took from me to take to Iowa
Cm G#And that was near three years ago
F#Now I'm back up in that moment
G# C#Playing that yardsale Casio
C#I sang to you from a red room
A#m(Together we'll grey, grey, grey)
F#Does he sing to you as well?
G#Much better, most would say
C#I hear him laughing
A#mBut I prefer this to the silence
F#When your lips are sealed against his
Or he fills your thighs with kisses
G#Or just for instance
He's clawing your fat, Pushing your breaths into the mattress
A#mYou'll love a good many men, mmhmm
GmAnd loving me ain't gonna stop all of them
A#mLike Adam we are flawed
In the image of our gods
FOf our fathers, who never bothered
A#mTo consider they were not the only ones
Faith, ohhhh,
GmFaith oh faith, is a way to believe lies we need
A#mThen to be faithful is to be truthless
But that's more than I need to say
FOh just don't run off and get married
And I'll surely be okay
Cm F'Cause I love you
Cm G#They'll love a good many yous
F# Gotta go now
Pack my suitcase Glad that you're okay,
G#And I love you, happy birthday,
C#See you in sixteen days.
(A few major/minor problems may exist, please let me know if you find any)
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