Matisyahu – Escape chords

Artist: Matisyahu
Song: Escape
Album: Light

Intro: Bm
       Bm G

BmRunning from the park
Sleeping out in the rain From falling down the drain Feeling drained from the main Mutilated disease disaster deficient and dead Raging waves with no name Raining pain distorted face
B5 A5Placing blame, hyper-judging all the time
G5 F#5 Lost my mind on the train, running from the insane
E5 F#5Children taught to blow their, brains out in the holy name
D5 E5 E5 D5 BmRunning for fame where, everybody knows your name
EmRunning the same vein empty
Gshatters splattered nothing matters anyway, running for something to say
BmLooking for meaning the speech, running from a fray
G F#m Em It's the great escape
Bm G Got to sneak away
F#m Em Bm When they look away we'll just fade away
G F#m Em Carry me in your memory
Bm G If I should pass away
F#m F# Bm Before the break of day
G F#m Em Bm
B5 A5 Like the light life happy clouds fluff
G5Hazy rice sunny days puff
F#5 E5Fly a kite afraid to face the night
F#5What if I can't make it right
D5The sword cuts both ways, night and day
BmJoy that goes away, things seem to sway
EmNothing stays the same
GEven in this madness we will survive
BmEven in this madness we will survive
BmRunning through the forest and I'm running through the woods
Running my whole life running like I should
EmRunning for survival, running from the rifle
BmRunning for the Bible blood libels and false idols
BmCraziness inside me
Afraid to pick through the bushes and see Closed off bogged down reality Bind barbed wire with no key Running Running Chorus G F#m Em Bm x2
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