Matisyahu – For You chords

Artist: Matisyahu
Song: For You
Album: Light

Intro: G Dm Am F

GUndo the clasps, cast the shackles to the sea
DmThey flee from themselves and they can't understand
AmThey burn humanity in their search to be free
FBut freedom's not for sale
GWhen you run for the moonlight
DmTo dance on a ray and become
AmWhat you knew to be true but the time flew by
FYou been searching for a reason why
G DmAnd I, I will be there for you
Am FTo search for you, wherever you are, are, are
G DmAnd I, I will be there for you
Am F GTo look for you, wherener you go, oh, oh
GWhen you dance in the drizzle fizzle out fist out
DmBlissed out, shout it loud, through the clouds
AmOh and rock out I can't stop now
FCause I move like the breeze With ease and grace
GWe stay laced As we move
DmThrough the space dancing on a blade Of grass
Am FAt twilight a firefly fly free through the night
I shine bright from the ground to the sky Chorus
GOn and on we go as the world turns the world burns
DmCome from Mount Zion and stay out of the whirlwind
AmMove to the music 'cause the world don't sit still
FIn silence we climb through blindness
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