Matisyahu – Late Night In Zion tab

Artist: Matisyahu
Song: Late Night in Zion
Album: Youth

C: x32010
Em: 022003
B/G: x20033
C(2): 32013
G/B: x2003x
A7sus2: x0200x
D/F#: 2x023x

Intro: C  Em  Bm C2

We're the reflection of imperfection
   G/B           A7sus2   D/F#
We come from the infinite place of limitation
   Am		       Cmaj7
Rejoice in these days, make a correction
Em	     D/F#     G
We're the completion

Lights out, down for the count, can't get up
     G/B       A7sus2		D/F#
Meanwhile the enemy screams the boy is stuck
        Am		        Cmaj7
and the legs of the king are dangling in a rut
        Em           D/F#           G
Falling pieces, lost sparks, hearts cut

We're not alone in the madness if we're here, then so are you
        G/B         A7sus2              D/F#
Deepest caverns underground, we've been digging for the truth,
          Am			      Cmaj7		   Em D/F# G
Scrape my knees, on the hurdles, face down in the puddles

Only one who'll get us out of this mess, the one who put us here
G/B        A7sus2   	D/F#                
I've got a spear driven through my ear
                   Am                            Cmaj7
Can't you hear the sound, crystal clear, pistols smashing chandeliers
         Em              D/F#            G
Long for brooks of water like the deer

Chorus: x2
A man is just a man, filled of faults and weakness
For a young Jerusalem all alone and speechless
Nighttime, nobody's home, roam streets in darkness
I feel I'm just a man, flesh and bones, homeless

Planting seeds, they won't sink in, I'm dried up
         G/B        A7sus2              D/F#
like the desert earth,  how could these seeds give birth
         Am                    Cmaj7
Water me down, liquify, I will not be cursed
     Em         D/F#      G
From one into a million disperse

Wisdom reigns like water from heaven to below
         G/B	      A7sus2       D/F#
Crush my earth, seeds grow, garden start to grow
  	        Am		        Cmaj7
You know you've got to rise, though you like to flow
               Em      D/F#       G
You can't keep staring out the window

Earth, water, wind, fire we stay low while getting higher
        G/B             A7sus2     D/F#         
Spark igniter, fighting tired stay wired, enlighten loads
      Am   		    Cmaj7      
Fly alive, weep wail chant, cry, let out a sigh
     Em         D/F#               G
Energized, give my last dime, life shouldn't pass me by

Rise, to the occasion
 	              G/B               A7sus2    D/F#
Keep these hearts all blazin build your life on a river of wax
          Am                     Cmaj7
Melt into space, we've been here since the beginning
    Em       D/F#   G
not going away, not going away...

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