Matt Andersen - Livin In Sarnia tab

Liviní In Sarnia - Mike Stevens and Matt Andersen
Standard Tuning

G One fish, two fish, catfish C Jumpin just for me G A big boned girl C Danciní just for me G Open arms C Reachin out for me G Every friend I know C Is sittin here with me
No first in line We all get the same No crooked lies No feeling shame Weíve got big wide grooves I playin on my radio My favourite tune To sooth my soul No win or lose We all get along No left or right No right, no wrong Oh this paradise Is somethin I can see Its all right here If we just look it will be One fish, two fish, catfish Jumpin just for me A big boned girl Danciní just for me Open arms Reachin out for me Every friend I know Is sittin here with me Every friend that Iíve know Is sittin here Sittin here with me
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