Matt Andersen – Storms Rollin In chords

Storms Rollin’ In’ - Mike Stevens & Matt Andersen
Standard Tuning

EWe build it up
C#mThe levee breaks again
EI’ll be the waves
C#mYou can be the wind
A BThe waters rising
C#mStorms rollin’ in’
Oh my angeline You mean the world to me Just hold on me babe Pull your body close to me Its getting colder outside Storms rollin’ in’ For 15 years We’ve stood against it all Through sleepless nights With our backs to the wall But this is our last stand together Storms rollin’ in’ Close you eyes And drift off to sleep Don’t worry about the storm Don’t think about me And I can see the waves are coming Storms rollin’ in’ We build it up The levee breaks again I’ll be the waves You can be the wind The waters rising Storms rollin’ in’
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