Matt Andersen – Devils Bride chords

Song is played in Open-D Tuning
You'll have to listen to the song to get the rhythm, but it simply repeats the chord 
pattern over and over.

The first words of each verse starts right as the F switches to the G. Again, listen to 
it... you'll hear it. As best I can tell, he improvises his solos each time.

D F GD--0----3--5--|A--0----3--5--|F#-0----3--5--|D--0----3--5--|A--0----3--5--|D--0----3--5--|
D---F-G- You throw me water when I'm drowning You take my kindling when I'm cold You give me matches when I'm burning And give me pennies for my gold You've got a heart as heart as hard as diamonds It shines like a piece of coal BUried deep in the ground, Like your cold, black soul. You've got-a one hand in my pocket The other hand on the spade sending me to the bottle and into my early grave well I tried like hell to leave you but you keep pulling me back your love is like a freight train and I'm tied to the tracks **** SOLO SOLO SOLO SOLO **** Well no soul on earth could love you No man can satisfy Only hell-born fire could ever warm you you should be the devil's bride **** Repeat & fade Solo as needed ****
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