Matt Brouwer - I Shall Believe chords version 2

These are just the chords of this great song with a couple of the many hammers 
that he does on the CD.
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Capo 6

ECome to me now
Aand lay your hands over me
Ewill you find me tonight
C#m Bsay it will be alright
Aand I will believe.
EBorken in two
AI know you're on to me
Ethat I only come home
C#m B when I'm so all alone
Ebut I do believe
C#m Bthat not everything is gonna be
Athe way you think it ought to be
C#m Bit seems like every time I try and make it right
Ait all comes down on me
C#m B F#mplease say honestly you wont give up on me
A E Aand I shall believe
Eopen the door
Aand show me your face tonight
EI know it's true
C#m Bno one heals me like you
Eand you hold the key
E Anever again will I turn away from you
EI'm so heavy tonight
C#m Bbut your love is alright
Eand I do believe.
Note: For the E chord: hammer on and off on the high E string on the 2nd fret relative to capo. For the A chord: hammer on and off on the B string on the 2nd fret relative to capo.
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