Matt Corby – Song For chords ver. 2

Song For...

I figured the chords out from a live version. This is the first time I've ever 
submitted or worked out the chords for a song so it may not be fully accurate but 
sounds about right.
Enjoy! :)
Standard Tuning.
Capo: None

chords used:
* progression note: when playing D, add pinkie finger to the 6th string, 3rd fret, to 1 & ½ beats into the bar. Intro Am / Em / *G / D / >HARMONICA< Am / Em / *G / D / D / >HARMONICA<
Am EmA million prayers,
*Gwent up to heaven,
D Amthey went for nothing.
EmA million pleas,
*Gcame back down,
Dthey said stop asking.
Dm G6sus4 GSo much blood on my hands x2
Am EmThe angels cried,
*G“You can do nothing”
D AmOur hearts have sunken.
EmCause the focus of our dreams
*GWas fraudulent yet weary
DThat the Lord’s wrath would come
Dm G6sus4 GSo much blood on my hands x5
Dm / G6sus4 / G / >HARMONICA< Dm / G6sus4 / G / >HARMONICA<
Dm G6sus4 GSo much blood on my hands x3 (End on G, let it ring out)
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