Matt Costa – Cigarette Eyes tab

Matt Costa - Cigarette Eyes 
from the Great album Unfamiliar Faces

C C* D# D#* G# G F B A# B* Bbe|--0--3--0--6---4--3--1--7--6--2---1---------------------------------------------------|B|--1--5--4--8---4--3--1--7--6--4---3---------------------------------------------------|G|--0--5--0--8---5--4--2--8--7--4---3---------------------------------------------------|D|--2--5--5--8---6--5--3--9--8--4---3---------------------------------------------------|A|--3--3--6--6---6--5--3--9--8--2---1---------------------------------------------------|E|--3--3--6--6---4--3--1--7--6--2---1---------------------------------------------------|
Enjoy! Intro: C - D# - G# - G x2 Verse: C F I've heard the story im sure he held you down C F Forced you to do things while im not around Chorus: C D# G C But you lied, you lied, but i've got cigarette eyes D# G# Feel uneasy think of you less, my mind is so restless B A# and im feeling depressed D# G F D#* C oh my, oh my, to see you with that spy D# G you lie, but i know cause i've got cigarette eyes Bridge: C D# G# G F Cigarette ahahaheys, i've got cigarette eyes, cigarette eyes A G C* B* Bb So you got yourself a bright young girl, one who lies with you in bed F G C* when she tells you that she likes the weather, dont believe a word she says Bb F G (Hold) noooohhh oooohh "piano solo": C - F x2 C - D# - G (Hold)
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