Matt Costa – Darlingbe Home Soon tab

from the live pure acoustic version from Lou's records, search youtube if you like.. 
no capo folks

fairly simple this one... little riff he does on the C marked with a ^,goes something like this C G---------------3------|----1-1---1-----0-----|----0-0---0-----0-----|----2-2---0-----0-----|--3-----2-------2-----|-------------3--------|
or when going on to D... C D----------------2----2-2-|----1-1---1-----3----3-3-|----0-0---0-----2----2-2-|----2-2---0-----0--0-----|--3-----2----------------|-------------2-----------|bass note in the D is optional, anyway just a walk down/up
Verse G C C Come and talk of all the things we did today G C G Hear and laugh about our funny little ways G C^ G While we have a few minutes to breathe G C^ G And I know that it's time you must leave Chorus C But darling be home soon C G I couldn't bear to wait an extra minute if you dawdle C My darling be home soon It's not just these few hours G But I've been waiting since I've toddled C^ D G For the great relief of having you to talk to Bridge(between penultimate and final chorus) G C G So go and beat your crazy head against the sky G C G Try and see beyond the houses in your eyes C^ D It's okay to shoot the moon C Darling be home soon.. thats it! tis a little off at least, i know, but works can use variations and in the C if you like
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