Matt Maher – Garden chords

Capo 2
G: 3200XX
G/B: X200XX
C2: X32033
Am7: XX2233
D: XXX232
Em: X22033

G  G/B  C2

G G/B C2In the cool of the day
G G/B C2You come and meet me
G G/B C2All the blue fades away
Am7 DThe stars are winking
C G/BYour love's so strong
C G/BI can't recall
C D EmWhat was this thing
C DThey called the fall?
G G/B CAnd You walk with me
G G/B CYou ne--ver leave
G G/B C IntroYou're making my heart a garden
G G/B C2Oh, why would I hide
G G/B C2Away from Your face
G G/B C2When the light of Your love
Am7 DIlluminates?
C G/BYour hand in mine
C G/BA steady line
C D EmDrawn on my heart
C DAnd deep in my mind
C G/BAll the broken are mending
C G/BThe mournful rejoicing
C D Em Seeing through tears
Am7 DOf peace overflowing
Chorus (2x)
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