Matt Maher - Lead Me Home chords

Capo 2nd fret

Asus B C#m E F#m
AsusThank you for the cross,
Bthank you for your love,
Asus Bthe perfect sacrifice of praise to God above.
AsusThank you for the gift,
Bthank you for the price
Asus Bof losing everything to gain eternal life.
Asus BThank you.
AsusThank you for your joy,
Bthank you for the pain
Asus Bof longing for peace in my suffering.
AsusThank you for my hunger,
Bfor my poverty,
Asus Bthat I would fall into the arms of mercy.
F#m C#m Asus B Every road leads back to you,
F#m C#m Asus Bevery journey lies in you.
E Asus C#m BSo lead me home, my lover, savior.
E Asus C#m BLead me home, my master, redeemer.
E Asus C#m BLead me home and I will rest in you.
E Asus C#m B
AsusI praise you when I'm broken,
Bpraise you when I'm lost,
Asus that it would keep me honest,
B in need of you alone.
Asus I praise you for the past,
Bfor the mess of sin,
Asus Bthat I would never want to turn from you again.
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