Matt Maher – Unwavering chords

Song   : Unwavering
Artist : Matt Maher
Album  : Empty And Beautiful
Key    : D# (Capo 1)
Standard EADGBe tuning

D  G/B  D

Verse 1
DBlessed are the poor
G DThe kingdom is theirs
G/BAlive in the promise
Em7To be dead to the world
DBlessed are the meek
G DIn honor of your Father
G D A The Word at your right hand
DThe Spirit of truth
G DUnwavering is your voice
A/C# DUnwavering is your hand
Bm A/C# D AUnwavering is the heart that bled for the sins of men
G DUnwavering is your will
A/C# BmUnwavering is your plan
D A DThe fount of salvation on which we will stand
Verse 2 Blessed are the righteous On bended knee Found in this freedom Committed to you Blessed are those who see The heights of glory Found in the valley And suffering for you Bridge
G ASend us out to be your hands and feet
G ASend us out to be your hands and feet
G A BmSend us out to be your hands and feet
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