Matt Mays - Queen Of Portland Street chords

Tabbed by: ADalziel
This was an older matt mays song that was called G And Me that was recently re-recorded. 
couldn't find any tabs for it and the lyrics people have been submitting are terrible, 
this is my attempt at both.

Tuning: Standard

Intro starts off with Em, G and C chords along with this riff..

G C GIt was that life changing song on that white cassette
G C GA melody I'll never forget
G C GGet me a triple triple and a BCD
G C GThe good times will be on me
Em Bm C GThrow in the shifter 1, 2 and 3
Em G C GFind me the queen of Portland street
Em Bm C GOut in the five runner out in the rain
Em G C GMe and G chasing hurricanes
(repeat the intro riff) VERSE:
G C GCome on Lanny cut me a deal
G C GI work so hard and I never steal
G C GAnd the 827 punched out my lights
G C GDown at Rudy's last Saturday night
G C GI know this road like the back of my hand
G C GFrom the donair temple to the L-town sand
G C GMe and G will meet you down in the dunes
G C GWith the moon and the tunes yeah we'll be there soon
CHORUS (just listen to the song a bunch to get the timing and strumming for this)
e|--2------------------------------------------0-----0---0-------|B|--1------------------------------------------1-----1---1-------|G|--2------------------------------------------0-----0---2-------|D|--0------------------------------------------2-----x---2-------|A|---------------------------------------------3-----2---0-------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------| And the good times they go, flying with the sparrows south. They're flying so
hard. Cause fools like you and me we'll never understand, or get to
dismiss, all this ditance. Go back to main part with a sweet harmonica solo, then repeat the chorus twice. End on:
Em G C GMe and G chasing hurricanes x4
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