Matt Mays - Building A Boat tab

This is from his new album, although it hasn't been recorded yet
I tabbed it from a few youtube video's so look there to check it out
tabbed by Steve Degen email

Chords Used

A D E[---][---][-0-][-2-][-3-][-0-][-2-][-2-][-1-][-2-][-0-][-2-][-0-][---][-2-][---][---][-0-]
I cant really get the words to this song so I'll just tab the different riffs of the song and you can figure out where they are. The song is by no means hard so it wont be hard to get it. Main Riff
This is the main riff of the whole song, it's pretty heavy so you may not want to actually hit the B string until you have to do the pull off's. The pull off's are played very close together almost so that it's hard to distinguish them apart. I believe Jarrett plays the A on the 5th fret to get that heavy sound as well. He doesnt always use the pull offs and sometimes just plays the A There's a few bends you can hear in the song as well the first one being after matt sings "Im gonna hand make all the sails...."
[---------]This is that bend..just bend, release and pull off[---------][-6brp4-6-][---------][---------][---------]
The Chorus simply goes D, A, E, D This is where Matt Sings "Im gonna smash a big bottle of champagne..." hit the first D when he says "smash" the A after he says "bow" hit the E when he says "leave" the last D when he says "matter" After the Chorus is the Riff that looks like this
[---------------------------------]or [-----------------------------][---------------------------------] [-----------------------------][---------------------------------] [-----------------------------][---------------------------------] [-----------------------------][---------------------------------] [-0h7-0h7-0h7-0h7-0h7-0h7-0h7-][-0h5-0h5-0h5-0h5-0h5-0h5-0h5-0h5-] [-0h5-0h5-0h5-0h5-0h5-0h5-0h5-]
You can decide if you want to use the A string or not for the solo during the middle of the song it looks like he just keeps bending the same note
I apologize for how scattered this I said if I knew the words I could tab the song more chronologically but it's pretty damn easy and shouldn't take much to figure out.
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