Matt Nathanson – Car Crash Acoustic tab

Left handed
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This is a simple song to learn, and, as opposed to the album version,
the acoustic (EP) version can be played by yourself, without the need of a back-up band 
an electric guitarist.

I believe the tuning is standard, with a capo on the 1st, but you can choose to tune it up,
or ignore the capo, since it's only a half-step difference.

Just listen to the song and you'll get the timings.
Also, you can add little transitional chords (normally, in this song, a D transitions a 
to Em nicely, or vice versa),
 and since some parts of the song itself are hard to hear, there may be a few incorrect chords,
or a missed one here or there, but what I've got here is good for solo performance.

Chords used: (from high E to low E)
G: 330023
Em: 330220
D: 330002
C: 330233

I'm wide awake and so alive
Em                D
Ringing like a bell
Tell me this is paradise
Em                       D
And not some place I fell
Cus I keep on falling down

Em                   D              C             G
I wanna feel the car crash, I wanna feel it capsize
                        Em                        D
I wanna feel the bomb drop, the earth stop
             C         G
Til I'm satisfied
Em                   D                   C           G
I wanna feel the crash, cus I'm dyin on the inside
                Em         D
I wanna let go and know that I'll be
C                         G
Alright, alright

[Verse 2 is the same chords as Verse 1, and then one more Chorus]

C C C         C C C         G
                        So right
C C C         C C C         G     D       C     G
                        So wrooooooong

G                                 (quick transitional D)
I'm wide awake and so.... alive

[Chorus once more]
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