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Matt Pond Pa – Amazing Life chords


------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amazing Life - Matt Pond PA-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tabbed by: opensky_94E-mail:
On the F chord, you can barre all the strings or just strum the 1st four. Which ever way appeals to you. The chords listed for the intro are basically all you need for the song. Capo: 4th
Intro (after the solo) E Am G Am E Am Fe|-----0-------0------3-------0------0------0------1----------|B|-----0-------1------3-------1------0------1------1----------|G|-----1-------2------0-------2------1------2------2----------|D|-----2-------2------0-------2------2------2------3----------|A|-----2-------0------2-------0------2------0------3----------|E|-----0-------0------3-------0------0------0------1----------|
E Am Amazing life
G Am We've been given
E Am I know that you had some troubles
F I have had some troubles
Am E We been wasted
F G We've been complacent
Am E F G We've given in to getting through the days
Am I hear the doves
E F Singing in the trees
Am They call the dusk
E F Its colors nod to sleep
Am The coming dark
E F Can't hide what we can see
G Am E F G Can't hide what we can see
The algebra Of innocence Is lost in the bathroom mirrors Practiced born and steady Been complacent We've been bad neighbors We've been unfaithful in our prime age To open up to see what happens next To see our hearts To risk breaking our necks To chop it down To follow there against So we'll be young again Amazing world The ground that gives I know that you had some troubles I have had some troubles We been wasted We've been complacent We've given in to getting through the days I saw a star Fall from a green sky I saw you laugh Your eyes were opened wide I saw your skin Uncovered in the night Uncovered in the night
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