Matt Pryor – Loralai tab

Artist: Matt Pryor
Song: Loralai

Standard Tuning

C   G   Am   Em   F   G   C

    C              G         Am              Em   
Loralai I did not cry on the day we said goodbye.
    F                    G                 C
The whole world did stop spinning for an hour.
  C                 G           Am                Em  
I don't want you to know that I don't want you to go,
  F                   G           C
Because you've got my only set of keys.

F            C
    Love is strange,
F            C
    We're estranged.
   Am                             G
In fact, I think it's been over a year.
C                  G            Am           Em
Oh what's there to do? Have to find a love a'new,
    F                 G            C
She just can't hold a candle Loralai.

    C                G               Am             Em
Loralai I've got the time, there are papers here to sign,
  F         G            C
A notary to mind the document.
          C             G               Am                 Em
I've been lying at you straight, it's a painful game we've played,
   F             G                   C
It only got more painful when we split.

F            C
    We were square, 
F             C
    without a care.
Am                              G
Then you had to go and steal my car.
C                   G         Am           Em
Oh where's there to go? Circumnavigate the globe.
F                G           Am
I'll never find another Loralai,
F                G            C
I'll never find another Loralai.

End on C
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