Matt Pryor – Polish The Broken Glass chords



F#m     A (x2)


F#mPolish the broken glass
AThe dust of your dirty past
DBut every time that you ask
AIt puts me in spins
F#mThese are just memories
AThey don't mean anything
DHow much of this is me
E And how much is you?
(Intro x2) (Verse 2)
F#mSuch is the irony
AThe chains and the shackling
D AAll the old garden games binding these two
A/G# F#mSuch is the game we play
AWe have such a little say
D EIn what's worth remembering and what I forget
F#m ASo I choose not to
D EAnd I choose not to
(Verse 3)
F#mTarnish the legacy
AHobble it at the knees
D AShred every single page until you can breathe
A/G# F#mIf this is defining you
ASomebody else's view
D EThen after the interview you can give in
F#m AInstead I will choose which of the battles I fight
DFor which of the causes I die
EThe people I love save me
(Repeat 'til fade out)
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