Matt Redman – Dancing Generation Acoustic tab

DANCING GENERATION-Matt Redman:                   -tabbed by Colby Clites

                D                                 Bm        
(verse:) Your mercy taught us how to Dance, to celebrate w/ all we have, 
           G2                      D2 Dm/F       D   
and we'll dance to thank you for mercy.   Your glory taught us how to shout, 
       Bm                                         G2
we'll lift your name in all the earth, and we'll shout to the praise of your 
  D2    Dm/F

                          Em              D/F#       G     G2         G
(Pre-Chorus:)  Its the overflow of a for-giv-en soul,  and now we've seen 
        G6  Gmaj7          Asus                A
you God,        Our hearts       cannot stay si-lent

                    D                          Em7
(Chorus:) and we'll be a dancing generation, dancing because of your great 
       G                        D   Dsus D Dsus       
mercy lord,  your great mercy lord
          D                            Em7                           
and we'll be a shouting generation, shouting because of your great glory 
G                     D      Dsus D Dsus Dm (to verse)                       
Lord, your great glory lord.
                      D      Dsus D D2   D  (ending)
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