Matt Redman - We Shall Not Be Shaken tab

I've already done the chords to this song but here is the tab for
the electric guitar in the song. I'd recommend using a capo on the 3rd fret
simply because if you want to play the chords in the chorus on the electric
it is a lot easier to do that with a capo, look on the chords i submitted
on the other tab for chords. standard tuning. Enjoy :)

Intro + verse:

Chorus: (if capo on 3rd fret follow chords on the chords sheet i wrote for this song) Bridge: (palm mute to begin with)
(repeat whole sequence til you end bridge) I hope this simple tab has helped you learn this song because it's a great song to play with just 2 people, one on the acoustic and one on the electric. i recommend you looking at the chords for this song if you haven't if you want any more christian song tabs let me know at god bless :).
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