Matt Redman - We Shall Not Be Shaken chords

Hey these are the chords to Matt Redman's new song we shall not be shaken
 on his album, the capo is on the 3rd fret. If you want the particular 
strumming pattern there will be a guitar tutorial on youtube explaining 
it in detailbut if you listen to the song you could be able to work out 
the strumming pattern from the beat. it's standard tuning too...

Capo 3


Bm Asus2When everything is breaking
G Asus2You are left unshaken
Bm When everything is tumbling down
Asus2 G Asus2Your the solid ground
Bm Asus2Nations could be quaken
G Asus2Economies failing
Bm When fear is found all around
Asus2 G Asus2You're the solid ground
D F#m7 our God you are,
G D all that you say you are
Bm F#m7You never change, You never fail
GYou never fade
D F#m7Our God you are,
G DFaithful in all your ways
Bm F#m7Forever you stand, Forever you reign
GForever remain
D/GWe shall, we shall not be shaken
Asus2We shall, we shall not be shaken
D/G Asus2When all around, is sinking sand
D/GYou are, you are never changing
Asus2You are, you are never changing
D/G Asus2You will stand, the great i am
GThe great i am !
-------------------------------------------- Song sequence: Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Bridge Chorus hope you enjoy this song, if you want the tab for the electric guitar just email me at and i can then post a tab on here for you. enjoy and god bless.
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