Matt Redman – Can I Ascend chords

From: The Friendship and The Fear

Intro (8 measures)
A2 G2 D A2//// //// //// //// (2x)
A2 G2 D A2 Can I ascend the hill of the Lord can I stand in that holy place
G2 D A2There to approach the glory of my God come towards to seek Your face
Em7 G A2 Purify my heart and purify my hands
Em7 G A2 For I know it is on holy ground I'll stand
D/F# G D/F# A I'm coming up the mountain Lord
D/F# G D/F# A I'm seeking you and you alone
D/F# G D/F# A Em7 G2 I know that I will be transformed my heart unveiled before You
D/F# G D/F# A I'm longing for your presence Lord
D/F# G D/F# A Envelop me within the cloud
D/F# G D/F# A I'm coming up the mountain Lord
Em7 G2 A2My heart unveiled before You I will come
Verse Chorus Bridge (4x)
A2 G2I am coming to worship I am coming to bow down
D/F# A2I am coming to meet with you
Chorus Instrumental over Intro Progression Bridge (bass and drums) Chorus Ending (vamp over Intro progression)
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