Matt Redman – Oh This God chords

Verse #1
AYou light up our way you bring a brighter future
DYou light up our lives your love is like no other
EWe are gonna shine
D A Now we are gonna shine for you
F#mWe won't fear the night
D A EWe are looking straight ahead
F#mNever turning back
D ECounting on your faithfulness
DOh this God, is our God
AEven til the end
DStanding strong, over us
F#m ETime and time again, even til the end
Verse #2: We've walk through storms and, we have walked through sorrow Still you won't let them, steal away tomorrow We are gonna shine, now we are gonna shine for you PreChorus 2: Leave the old behind, it will not define us no Yesterday is gone, now anything is possible Bridge:
D AJesus you will always be our God
F#m EWe won't take our eyes off you
D AJesus you will forever be the one
F#m EWe'll have no other God but you
(Repeat x2)
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