Fathers Song chords with lyrics by Matt Redman - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Matt Redman – Fathers Song chords


C G C F I have heard so many songs. Listened to a thousand tongues
Dm G Am G But there is one, that sounds above them allÂ….
C G C F The FatherÂ’s song, The FatherÂ’s love, you sung it over me
Dm G C Cand for eternity, Its written on my heart
F G C FHeavens perfect melody. The Creators symphony.
Dm G Am G You are singing over me. The Fathers songÂ…
C F G CHeavens perfect mystery. The king of love has sent for me
G Dm G C And now you're singing over me, the Fathers songÂ…
C G C FThe fatherÂ’s song, the fatherÂ’s love, you sung it over me and for
Dm G Ceternity, itÂ’s written on my heartÂ…
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