Matt Redman – Light Of The World chords

Capo 4

Verse 1
Em D GO Jesus Son of God so full of grace and truth
Em D GThe Father's saving Word so wonderful are You
Am7 G/B C The angels longed to see and prophets searched to find
Am7 G/B C The glory we have seen revealed
Verse 2
Em D/F# GYou shone upon the earth but who will understand
Em D/F# GYou came unto Your own but who will recognize
Am7 G/B C D Your birth was prophesied for You were the Messiah
Am7 G/B C Who came and walked upon the earth
Am7 G/B C D Your glory we have seen the one and only King
Am7 G/B C And now You're living in our hearts
CLight of the world Light of the world
GLight of the world You shine upon us
(Repeat) Verse 3
Em D/F# GIn You all things were made and nothing without You
Em D/F# GIn heaven and on earth all things are held in You
Am7 G/B C D And yet You became flesh Living as one of us
Am7 G/B C Under the shadow of the cross
Am7 G/B Where through the blood You shed
C D You have made peace again
Am7 G/B C Peace for the world that God so loves
(Repeat Chorus)
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