Matt Sharp – Monica Smile tab

all of us are waitin' 
    C (or C7) 
     F       F/E   Dm 
as i dictate every move 
gotta stop paintin 
stop all the erasin 
and give us one thing that you drew 
careers are over rated 
they're outdated and yes 
titles they're just abused 
you say your frustrated 
your work is overated 
but really who do you show it to? 

     Fm          Dm 
(its always up to you) 
and you should go 
away for awhile 
there's no need for you to 
be a sensible child, cause we're not on trial 
so monica smile 

well the two of us are naked 
in a bar wasted 
somewhere off the avenue 
i look at you sighing 
theres no need to be crying 
because the world is not like you 
your lost your passion 
well passions not a fashion 
and anyways what good does fashion do? 
want be prosin' 
stop and do composin' 
hey but the future ain't got nothing new

Repeat some stuff.
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