Matt Wertz - Like The Last Time chords

Just some simple chords. Nothing really fancy

Capo 6

Intro: Em C D D

Em CI can feel you
DSlippin' through my hands
Em CAnd I can't stop it
DAnd that's what gets me scared
Em CIt's in my leaving
DThat the seams begin to tear
Em But we made it once
C Dand we'll make it through again
G C D G C DAnd Hey, We'll be fine just like the last time, baby.
Em C D G CAnd you say (oh-yeah), we'll be fine just like the last time,
D Emfine just like the last time, baby
[Same as first verse] I can't tell you What you mean to me You're my constant You're my consistancy Everyone's changing I barely recognize this town You gotta promise me That you'll always be around CHORUS
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