Matt Wertz - Wandering Eyes Acoustic tab


----------------|----------------|-------------------|----------| --3-0-----------|--3-0-----------|--3-0--------0h2p0-|----------| ------2---2-4---|------2---------|------2---2--------|----------| --------4-------|--------4-2-0---|--------4----------|----------| 2-------------4-|2-------------4-|2------------------|2--2------| ----------------|----------------|-------------------|------3-5-|
----------------|----------------|-------------------|----------| --3-0-----------|--3-0-----------|--3-0--------0h2p0-|----------| ------2---2-4---|------2---------|------2---2--------|----------| --------4-------|--------4-2-0---|--------4----------|----------| 2-------------4-|2-------------4-|2------------------|2--2--2-2-| ----------------|----------------|-------------------|----------|
Chords (799xxx) (577xxx) (355xxx) I'm pretty sure the intro/verse are right. Listen to the song to get the chord progression down. It's only those 3 chords and the strumming isn't difficult to pick up on. I searched the internet for over a month trying to find this tab and finally just got sick of it and tried to figure it out myself. This is my first tab, so email me at with any suggestions or edits. Have fun!
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