Matthew And The Atlas – To The North chords

There are a few different ways to play this song. By that I mean a few different places
to put the capo. On the album version (and live versions) he puts a capo on the 9th
fret. If you're like me and keep your guitar in D standard tuning, that's pretty 
hard to accomplish.

So, here are the different versions:

Capo 9:
Verse: C G the whole time just switch back and forth. It's fairly easy to hear.
Chorus: Am C G

Here's a live video for reference:

Capo 7 (or for D standard tuners, Capo 9)
Verse: D A
Chorus: Bm D A

No Capo
Verse: A E
Chorus: F#m A E

I can't find the lyrics anywhere but it shouldn't be hard for you to hear the changes! I
strongly recommend picking up Matthew & The Atlas' daytrotter session, it has an
awesome version of this song.
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