Matthew Good Band - Generation X-wing tab

Song: Generation X-Wing
Band: Matthew Good Band
Tabbed By: Me(Aaron)

*Guitar not included*

ask if you want the second guitar stuff tabbed

Standard Tuning:


e|--------------|B|--------------|G|---5------5-2-|D|-3-5-5--3-5-2-| How ever many times it takes to sing the verseA|-3-3-5--3-3-0-|E|-1---3--1-----|
e|---B|---G|---D|-5- repeatively strum going into chorusA|-5-E|-3-
e|---------|B|---------|G|-7---5---| that is pretty much itD|-7-3-5-5-|A|-5-3-3-5-|E|---1---3-|
e|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-10p8----10p8----10p8----------10p8----10p8----10p8---------------------------------|A|------7^-----9^------7^-h9---------7^------9^------^9^(bend harder and bring back)--|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
QUIET RIFF NEAR THE END: (Sounds like a phaser & palm muted)
e|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|o-4-4-4-5-5-5-5-5-o| repeatD|o-----------------o|A|-------------------|E|-------------------|
AND ONE LAST CHORD: (Quietly played before the chorus starts again)
Note: There is a little riff played in the last chorus. I don't know it, sorry. I'm working on it.
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