Matthew Good Band – Shes Got A New Disguise tab

Matthew Good Band - She's Got A New Disguise
Tabbed by Greg Cormier

I don't usually tab songs, but when I do, I'd like to think that usually
I'm pretty accurate. Matt loves his funky chords leaving strings 1 & 2 open, so I had
that to start on, and within 2 minutes I had the chords to this song, which you can
hear the high notes always ringing. I hope it's close to accurate, maybe Matt
will help us out on this one if it's not?

Main Riff

Repeat that a bunch of times... "She wants a new disguise........." then
B C#m AE|------2----------4---------0------|B|------3----------5---------2------|G|------3----------6---------2------|D|------3----------6---------2------|A|------2----------4---------0------|E|------2----------4---------0------|
You can leave the 1st string (High E) open if you want. Later in the song he seems to change a bit. You can really tell the chords about 45 seconds before the end of the song at the quiet part where he just strums and let's it ring for a bar or two. Hope this helps you guys out!
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