Matthew Good Band - Running For Home tab

Artist: Matthew Good Band
Song: Running For Home
Album:Beautiful Midnight
Tabbed by: Wainman

capo on 1st fret


C Cadd9 C Cadd9 They beam things into your head C Cadd9 C Cadd9* the ghosts of your pleasure and contempt C Cadd9 C Cadd9 when we were liars things were seamless C Cadd9 C Cadd9* when we were wired the world was like a secret C Cadd9 C Cadd9 i close my eyes now and i scream C Cadd9 C Cadd9* i turn the light on and there's nothing left redeeming C Cadd9 C Cadd9 i saw your face before it changed C Cadd9 C Cadd9* the gun it makes you look nicer in a bad way Am G F C so low for how high? Am G F Cadd9* well it's too late tonight
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