Matthew Good – Prime Time Deliverance Acoustic tab

Left handed
	      Matthew Good - Prime Time Deliverance (acoustic)
Tabbed by: Andrew Maynard

Tuning: Half-Step Down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)

This version of the song is from disc 2 of Matt's best of/B sides release "In a Coma". Enjoy!

Verse 1
  G                        bm
  The red red lips of some secret solution 
      em          D         C
  The Central Intelligence Agency 
      em          D         C
  has a file that's a mile longer than peace  
  G                         bm
  She's naked on the phone, watching them back
    em           D        C             em          D        C
  No eyes just their stupid grins, they long to be liberal mannequins  
  G                               bm
  And in their tiny room they eat Chinese food
           em                D                C
  And they don't call their wives 'cause the girl in the window is 
    em           D           C 
  Pressing her breasts up against the window pane  
      em              D           C
  The guy they're after on the floor below her  
      em          D          C                      D    em    C      
  Is cutting cocaine higher than the building  

Verse 2
  A one way trip
  bm                              em       D        C
  Who ever thought she'd miss the ins and outs of oxygen?  
    em                   D                      C
  The darkest side of the biggest god-damn ride you've ever been on  
  Her mother loves that show 
  Even though she never gets the answers right  
    em        D         C      em          D        C
  It's easier to play along, sometimes more than being wrong  
  G                          bm
  They found her in her room wearing a pink bunny suit  
  em               D         C
  In sour cherry lipstick, hanging from the closet door
  em                       D
  Her eyes were wide maybe to despise  
     C                         em     D     C
  Maybe just to look into your headlight morning glow  


  D    em    C     D     em     C     am     C      G
    (background talking and nonsense) 
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