Matthew Good - In Love With A Bad Idea tab

Song: In Love With A Bad Idea
Artist: Matthew Good
Album: White Light Rock and Roll Review
Tabbed by Sean Pratt(

An early tab but I feel it's pretty accurate. Good song, I think it'll be next radio single.

Tuned down half step

Chords Used: B A G F# Deb|------------------------------------|Bb|------------------------------------|Gb|-----(9)---(7)----------------7-----|Db|------9-----7-----5-----4-----7-----|Ab|------9-----7-----5-----4-----5-----|Eb|------7-----5-----3-----2-----------|
Intro: B B A G F# B Line up crooked my eyes straight up at the sun A In and out of consciousness Neither is much fun G Show down with that head of yours F# And the book is 10 to 1 B Ghetto rock for Princess Sticky Magazine A Five nights on the TV and two nights in between G F# To make out in the basement with the American dream Prechorus: B Take your time A Take your time G Take your time G Take your time
Riff A:eb|------------------------------------|Bb|------------------------------------|Gb|---7--------------------------------| repeat 2x before chorusDb|---7---7----4----5------------------|Ab|---5---7----4----5------------------|Eb|-------5----2----3---3-2-0----------|
Chorus: D A G Baby D A G ainít it crazy just to want it D A G Arrogant to flaunt it D A G Since we fell in love with a bad idea? then play: Verse Prechorus Riff A Chorus played 2 times(last line played twice last time around) Prechorus Riff A without picking part on E string. Shine up crooked your eyes blazing like the sun Make a little paradise for many to be one Name it after liberty and build it running guns Slumming it with Princess Sticky Magazine Five nights on the TV and for $10,000 sheíll agree To do it on camera with the American dream Take your time Baby ainít it crazy just to want it Arrogant to flaunt it Since we fell in love with a bad idea? Take your time
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