Matthew Ryan - Some Streets Lead To Nowhere tab

This is a great song made by Matthew Ryan

It's hard to hear excactly how he plays
and this tab only includes parts from the song
and I'm not even sure if it's correct

I don't really know how to play this song
so any kind of help would be wonderful

(the reason I uploaded this tab is to make people correct
the mistakes I've made so a perfect copy will be available
on this great site)

Capo 3rd

standard tuning (?)

Intro x (?)

(improvise during this part)
and then... (this the part I'm most unsure about)E|-------------------------------|B|---1p0------1p0-----1p0----1p0-|G|2--------0---------------------|D|2--------2-------2-------------|A|0--------3-------2-------2-----|e|-----------------0-------3-----|
listen to the song and experiment a bit and see if you can improve it, thx, jolmy (sorry if my english isn't perfect)
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