Matthew Ryan - Jane I Still Feel The Same tab

first tab. Bridge is a little off, but as for now, this is the only tab online for this 
trust me, i've looked, so give me some credit. please let me know how well i did.

capo 1st fret
standard tuning

chords: D  000232
        G  320030  <--DO NOT USE 320033
        E  022030  < kind of like that weird "time of your life" E
        ?  000030  < trust me. it's an open E with the ringfinger on it

        "p" means pull off


D D----------2--------3p2-----------------2--------3p2-----------|-------3-----3----------3-----------3-----3----------3--------|----2----------------------2-----2----------------------2-----|-0--------------0---------------------------------------------|------------------------------0--------------0----------------|--------------------------------------------------------------|
G----------------------0---------|----------3--------------3------|----0--0-----0-----0--------0---| X2--------------------------------|--------------------------------|-3--------------3---------------|
BRIDGE (and all the cars on the boulevard...)
E ? G G----------------------------------------------------------------|----------3--------------3--------------3--------------3--------|----0--------0-----0--------0-----0--------0-----0--------0-----| X4-------2--------------0--------------0--------------0-----------|-2--------------0-----------------------------------------------|-------------------------------3--------------3-----------------|
ON THE 4TH ROTATION, PLAY THE "G" CHORD 4 TIMES ( All together now..from start to finish INTRO 2X VERSE 4X BRIDGE 4X - hold g VERSE 2X BRIDGE 4X - hold g VERSE 7X ENJOY FELLOW MUSICIANS.
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