Matthew West - When I Cant Hear You tab

Here is When I Can't Hear You by Matthew West.  

e|------------------| |---------|b|------------------| |---------|g|-4--4----4s9-9-9--| |-6-6-6---|D|-4--4----4s9-9-9--| 3x |-6-6-6---| Whole thing 2xA|-2--2----2s7-7-7--| |-4-4-4---|E|------------------| |---------| (Once Muted or something and the other normal overdriven guitar)
Verse:e|------------------| b|------------------| g|-4--4----4s9-9-9--| D|-4--4----4s9-9-9--| 8xA|-2--2----2s7-7-7--|E|------------------|
Then a Bass Solo:
Then a Guitar Chord:
e|------------------| |---------|b|------------------| |---------|g|-4--4----4s9-9-9--| |-6-6-6---|D|-4--4----4s9-9-9--| 3x |-6-6-6---| Whole thing 2xA|-2--2----2s7-7-7--| |-4-4-4---|E|------------------| |---------|
Song: Intro-listen to song to get right timings Verse Chorus Verse Bridge-Really haven't figured out whats going on there Chorus
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