Matthew West – The Reason For The World chords

Song: The Reason For the World
Artist: Matthew West
Album: The Story of Your Life

This song is originally played on the piano, but I listened to it and created a 
tab by ear. It might not be perfect; if you think something's wrong, please feel 
free to leave a comment!

C There are no words in times like these
FWhen tears won't hide the tragedies
Am G FAnd all you want is a reason for the world
CNo comfort in the greeting card
FCause God is good, but life's still hard
Am G FAnd your heart just wants a reason for the world
Chorus Am/C (1st chorus only; all others C) But maybe the reason for the pain
GIs so that we would pray for strength
FAnd maybe the reason for the strength
GIs so that we would not lose hope
AmAnd maybe the reason for all hope
G/BIs so that we could face the world
Am G F C F Am G FAnd the reason for the world is to make us long for home, home
For God so loved your broken heart He sent His son to where you are He died to give a reason for the world So lift your sorrows to the One Whose plan for you has just begun And rests here in the hands that hold the world Chorus
AmWell I know you're past the point of broken
GSurrounded by your fear
FI know your feet are tired and weary
GFrom the road you walk down here
CBut just keep your eyes on heaven
GAnd know that you are not alone
Am G FRemember the reason for the world
No ear has heard, no eye has seen Not even in your wildest dreams The beauty that awaits beyond this world When you look into the eyes of grace And hear the voice of mercy say, "Child, welcome to the reason for the world."
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