Matthew West – History chords

This is the First tab I posted, I couldn't find the proper tab anywhere so I had to 
watch his Live video to find out how it's really played.
This will get you started and the rest is pretty simple to ear out once you have the 
chords. And the intro to the chorus may be a little off.

His youtube video can help you figure the rest out if you can't ear it


Bm  (x24432)

A   (002220)

G   (320033)

Em  (022000)

A2  (002200)

Bm7 (020202) - optional to use during verses instead of Bm

BmIt's been a bad day
AYou've been looking back
GAnd all you can see
Emis everything you wish you could take back
BmAll your mistakes
AA world of regrets
Em GAll of those moments you would rather forget
Bm AI know it's hard to believe
Em GLet me refresh your memory
D A GYesterday is history
A Bm A GAnd history is miles away
D ASo, leave it all behind you
A2 G ABut let it always remind you of the day
GThe day that love made history
D G Bm A
Bm AYou know you can't stay right where you fell
G EmThe hardest part is forgiving yourself
Bm A But let's take a walk into today
Em GAnd don't let your past get in the way
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