Matthew West – To Me chords

So this song had no tabs anywhere that I could find, so I figured it out myself. 
Given, it might not be the most accurate, but it's a good starting point if anyone 
wants to add to it. Feel free to modify this and repost it!! Thanks, Alex

Standard tuning with a capo on the second fret (all notes relative to the capo)

Intro/Repeated RiffE|---------5-----------------------------------|B|--6h8p6-----8---------6----------------------|G|---------------5h7p5-----7---------5---------|D|----------------------------5h7p5-----5h7\3--|A|---------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------|
Verse 1:
F CWell it breaks my heart
Dm GEvery time I see the world break yours in two
FYou know those lies ain't true
CWhen you let 'em get to you,
Dm GBeing you is hard to be, I see.
Verse 2:
F CThese days sticks and stones
Sound like paradise
Dm GCompared to those harsh words
FThey'd rather cut you down than hold you
CBut they don't know you like I know you
DmIf they did I know they'd see,
GYes they would see...
C FTo me you are
C F GHeaven's finest invention by fa-a-ar
C FSo much brighter than the brightest star
GAnd what I'd give to make you see
F C (Riff)Who you are to me
Verse 3:
F CAnd all your so called friends
Dm GSaid they'd be there to the bitter end
FBut I won't be just like the others
CI'm gonna show you my true colors
DmYou can't ever make me leave
GNo, no, I won't ever leave
Chorus Bridge:
Dm/7 FWhen you laugh it's my favorite song
Am GAnd all the gray is gone
Dm/7 F GEvery single time I see you smile,
C(hold) F(hold) (Riff)I just haven't seen it in awhile
Verse 5:
F CSo go on and dream
A Dm GBigger dreams than this town's ever seen before
FThere are just two kinds of people:
COnes who say you're just not able
DmAnd the ones who change the world
G(hold)And you're gonna change the world
Play F-C-Dm-G chord progression once or twice Thennnnn, Chorus x1 and Riff x2
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