Matthews Dave Band – 34 tab

e: Sat, 02 May 1998 17:55:31 -0500
From: Jeffrey Zepp 
Subject: m/matthews_dave_band/

Tabulature for "#34" by The Dave Matthews Band.
Off the Album: Under the Table and Dreaming

-The first two notes start soft and slow, then turns faster throughout the
rest of the verse with a little exclamation on the 7th and 8th notes. 

-Now I am no Dave Matthews, but if you attempt to play this song, play it
well.  This is far to beautiful of a song to be played bad. 

-So here it is: 

-Just repeat this for most of the song. As the song progresses, there is a part that Dave mixes this up, playing some higher notes. I'm working on that, just give me a few days and I will have it. -Feel free to write to me with any questions comments or suggestions. And may the good times roll like a joint. Tabbed by Jeffrey Zepp 4/15/98 - during Vector Geometry
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