Matthews Dave Band – Halloween tab

Fig I -repeats all through the main body of the songE----------------------:|B----------------------:|G----------------------:|D------3---9-/-10--10--:|A----------------------:|E--1---1---7-/-8---8---:| (sl.)Chorus- I took this chorus from the "Recently" EP because I can actuallyfigureout what on earth Dave is saying on that version.
Am G "Watch it man, leave it where you lie F E Am I come to you lightly, I suck up into your mind G F We'll leave it all behind, I sail into you a lonely E Am I choking to your eyes?" Am Bm "Why do you run around here? Am Bm Just why do you run around me? Am Bm Just why do you run around here? Am Bm Just why then, why then, ask you silly f!ck!" Chords
Am G F E BmE--------------------| B--------------------| G--------------------| D-7--5--3--2--9------| A-7--5--3--2--9------| E-5--3--1--0--7------|
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